Our Services

Our services are best suited to rapidly-growing, Digital Marketing Agencies who don’t have the financial and time freedom to hire in-house and train internally to the required level to offer great client success management.

We specialise in the following areas:

Account Management

In an age where customers are more demanding than ever, effective Account Management can be the difference between high churn rates and seeing the bottom line increase. 

Account Managers are customer-centric beings who know how to use their relationship, trust building and communication skills to keep customers happy, nurtured, informed and coming back for more. 

Project Management

Project Management is essential to taking a project/campaign from briefing to completion stage in an organized manner. 

Working closely with the production team, our team of expert Project Managers have been trained to use efficient processes, and techniques. Ensuring projects/campaigns are delivered on time, in scope and on brief.

Influencer Marketing Management

Influencer Marketing Management is about understanding the client goals and campaign strategy in order to identify the right partners for the role.

Our team of Influencer Marketing Managers will assist you with campaign concept, identify the right influencers to partner with based on campaign goals and develop relationships with influencers relevant to the client campaigns.

If you're tired of

constantly needing to acquire new customers because you’re struggling to retain customers beyond the 3-6 mth mark.

Or you're done

dropping the ball on keeping customers informed - in turn dealing with irate customers.

Not enough time

in your day to make sure projects or campaigns are being delivered on time, in scope, on brief all while needing to execute the high-calibre work

Then get in touch with Agency Allies to see how we can take care of your clients while you deliver results.
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Our prices vary based on the services you require and we’re open to working on an hourly rate, monthly rate or a set project fee