Mary Taylor

Best tools to use to communicate with your clients

One of the most important ways to make sure that your clients are satisfied with your services is through communication. But what are the best ways to communicate with your clients? Let’s explore the top five ways to stay in contact with your clients and when you should use each of these ways of communication.

The first, and best, way to communicate with your clients is through email. Email is ranked our #1 way of client communication because it’s easy to track, very professional, and organized. You can easily refer back to conversations, send documents, and deliver in-depth messages that you want stored.

It’s also a great way for potential clients or existing customers to learn more about you. You can add an email signature that includes your social media pages, your website, and even just your job title. When you’re messaging on other platforms, they might not have access to this information right away.

The rest of our list of best ways to communicate with customers or clients is not ranked in any specific order but more about what the purpose of the communication is.

Slack: Slack is great for quick communication that takes place often. It’s a professional setting that can be organized into clients, projects, and more. It’s more professional and organized than other messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram messaging. You won’t have to share personal account information and clients are less likely to message you (or expect you to message back) during non-business hours.

Google Docs or other shared platforms such as Airtable: Google Docs and other shared platforms are a great way to communicate with clients (and team members) when you’re collaborating on documents, presentations, and more. 

In-person or video call meetings: In-person or on video meetings are a great way to show off your product, connect with your client, and build relationships. This is great for a first-impression, a strategy session, or a training session.

On the phone: Phone calls are a great way of communicating if you have a quick but in-depth question that needs to be answered right away. It’s also a great way to communicate if you’re having miscommunication issues or disputes.

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